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The term "agrotextiles" is now used to encompass the woven, knitted and nonwoven textiles used for agriculture, forestry, horticulture and landscape gardening, General Nonwovens is AgriGen brand products serve this segment as a nonwoven agrotextile.

Agrotextiles can help extend the growing season by maintaining sufficient soil humidity and increasing the soil temperature, which is especially important in early spring in temperate climates. It transmits light and also help to increase yields, prevent infestation by pests and protect against storm, cold spells and hail damage, which can lead to the complete loss of crops. Following showers it dries quickly. Ground coverings optimize early planting yields; improve fruit hygiene quality as the plants are insulated from the soil. Especially strawberry producers prefer AgriGen products.  Black ground coverings absorb the sun's rays completely, and prevent weed growth.

The use of AgriGen products specially developed for agriculture applications allow air and water to pass through, while offering protection from the wind and cold by creating a microclimate around the crop. This micro climate effect increases the temperature under the crop cover. Even two or three degrees centigrade can save crops and protect them from frost. Therefore it works as an effective climatic barrier which eliminates temperature extremes. AgriGen products can be used in mulching. It provides ideal conditions to enhance plant growth ensuring earlier harvest and higher yields. In addition, use of AgriGen would help avoiding damages at crops, vegetables as well as seeds from insects and birds because it would also work as a physical protection media.

Provided it is handled correctly, AgriGen products can be used several times, depending on the application, the type of polymer used, the UV-stabilizer additive content and physical characteristics of the AgriGen product. After use, they can be collected for processing via traditional recycling systems.

The polypropylene nonwovens provide excellent resistance to tearing and stretching in both directions. They can either be laid directly on the crop, or be installed in the form of mini-tunnels on hoops or on greenhouse structures of varying heights, depending on the type of crop cultivated. It allows vapor to pass through avoiding water droplets on the crops. AgriGen products are heat sealable. It is light in weight and therefore it is easy to handle and fold.

Polyester fabrics provide better physical characteristics than most polypropylene-based products. Polyester has higher resistance to the UV lights and due to its physical properties, it is preferred for longer term uses. General Nonwovens is AgriGen range offers polyester (PET) based agricultural products.

Depending on the geographical area where AgriGen products will be used and the intended number of seasons using it; a UV-Stabilizer additive shall be used to increase the resistance of AgriGen fabric made of polypropylene. The additive is used in the process of producing AgriGen, while it is still in melt phase. By doing so, it is possible to increase the strength of the fabric to the damaging ultraviolet lights of the sun so that fabric maintains its durability even during long periods of high incident light radiation. General Nonwovens has the capability to measure the UV stability of the fabric with a weather-o-meter test equipment employed in its laboratory. General Nonwovens can also test the air and water permeability properties as well. For further information on testing capabilities please visit our quality control facilities page.

In agriculture and horticulture, there is a steady reduction in the cultivated area owing to better use of the soil and higher outputs through improved efficiency and productivity. Use of Agrotextiles have contributed to this development. With the development and improvements made in the production tehnologies, nonwoven based agrotextiles are gaining more and more advantage towards traditional agrotextiles.

General Nonwovens AgriGen class products can be used in agriculture, horticulture and landscape applications.

  • Crop covers,
  • Nursery overwintering, frost protection.
  • Weed control fabrics,
  • Root bags,
  • Mulching,
  • Containers,
  • Landscaping,
  • Turf protection products,
  • Hobby Gardening,
  • Greenhouse shading,
  • Seed blanket.


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