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Medical textiles, also known as biomedical textiles, are textile products and constructions, for medical and biological uses used for first aid, clinical, or hygienic purposes. They are one of the major end-uses of nonwovens industry.

The selection of medical textiles is an important subject for the healthcare sector in terms of benefits and costs especially when a life is concerned. Medical textiles can be made by wovens or nonwovens. Woven textiles are called re-usables and nonwovens are called single-use (or disposables). In most cases single use products made by nonwovens ranks better then traditional textiles in terms of comfort, barrier effectiveness, quality maintenance, infection benefit, ready availability and safety. There might some doubts exist in the minds of many hospital purchasing managers and operating room staff about the real life-time costs of reusable medical textiles versus their single-use alternatives, however it is clear that disposable products are replacing re-usables at an increased rate.

General Nonwovens produces medical fabrics made of polypropylene or polyester. While MediGen polypropylene nonwoves provide more softness and comfort, polyester MediGen nonwovens provide the advantage of Gama sterilizibility, higher temperature and abrasion resistance as well as pleatability. MediGen roll goods can be used in the following products and applications.

  • Gowns & drapes, wraps and packs,
  • Contamination control gowns,
  • Examination gowns,
  • Disposable caps,
  • Disposable shoe covers,
  • Sterile packagings and dressings,
  • Bed linens,
  • Underpads
  • Mattress insulators


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