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Nonwovens are widely used in construction, insulation, geotextile and other industrial applications.

The use of nonwovens in the construction business is growing along with the growth in this sector. General Nonwovens is IndiGen brand polyester based nonwoven is used for roofing applications. IndiGen products as a shrinkage-free carrier for bituminous roofing membranes provide dimensional stability and stiffness required by roofing industry. Tile underlayment and shingle applications are other areas where IndiGen products can be used.

Geotextiles are products used as a soil reinforcement agent and as a filter media. Geotextiles effectively reduce roadway structural deterioration by preventing the loss of granular materials into soft sub-grades. Additional benefits can be realized when a geotextile is used for separation has sufficient strength to reinforce a weak sub-grade. End uses range from civil engineering tasks such as road and railway construction, drainage and soil stabilization to geosynthetics for agricultural and ecological uses. IndiGen brand geononwoven products are made of synthetic fibers to form a blanket-like product to provide maximum permeability and optimum strength.

Under the IndiGen brand name General Nonwovens can produce nonwoven media for the following end uses.

    • Roofing (bituminous membranes),
    • Shingle and tile underlayment,
    • Flooring,
    • Mats,
    • Road and railroad beds,
    • Soil stabilization,
    • Soil separation,
    • Drainage
    • Artificial turf,
    • Insulation,
    • Hausewrap,
    • Coated fabrics,
    • Tents,
    • Cable insulation,
    • Packing,
    • Protective apparel,
    • Landscaping



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